Lab Director

Jun Izawa, PhD
Associate Professor in Engineering, Information, and Systems
School of Integrative and Global Majors (SIGMA), Empowerment Informatics
email: izawa*


Taisei Sugiyama
Graduate student in Empowerment Informatics, JSPS Research Fellow (DC1)
BS in Cognitive Science at UCLA

Taisei joined HEBBS lab in 2016 and started his Ph.D. in Empowerment Informatics in 2017. As he majored in Cognitive Science at UCLA, his research interest lies in how external stimuli (e.g., rewards, training environments) influence motor behavior and learning. By elucidating and utilizing the effects and their underlying mechanisms, he hopes to improve motor rehabilitation and develop a robot rehabilitation system in the future. He also has experience in brain stimulation (TMS, tDCS), neuroimaging, and computational neuroscience.
email: sugiyama*

Lucas Dal'Bello
Graduate student in Empowerment Informatics, MEXT Scholarship Student
BS in Molecular Sciences at Universidade de São Paulo

Lucas joined HEBBS lab in 2017 Fall and started his Ph.D. in Empowerment Informatics in 2018 Spring. He graduated from the Molecular Sciences program at USP in Brazil, where he acquired experience on EMG, linear systems modeling, and computational neuroscience. His research interest lies in investigating how information related to motor control is processed in the human brain, by using experiments and mathematical modeling of processes related to motor control. By helping to ellucidate mechanisms of information processing in the brain, he intends to contribute to the development of novel techniques and devices for diagnostic and treatment of motor disorders, and to the development of devices which supplement and extend human function.
email: lucasrdb*

Yihao Wu
Graduate student in Empowerment Informatics
BA in Engineering at University of Tsukuba

Yihao joined HEBBS lab in 2018 and started his Ph.D in Empowerment Informatics in 2019. He graduated from the Enginerring System from University of Tsukuba. He is concentrating on his studies about the reward-based learning of human form the viewpoint of enginerring. He hopes to elucidate the mystery of human brain and improve the AI tecnology in the future.
email: wuyihao*

Ryota Ishikawa
Graduate student in Humanics
Master Degree in Behavior Science at University of Tsukuba

Ryota joined HEBBS lab in 2018 when entering the graduate school. After acquiring Master degree in Behavior Science, he started his Ph.D in Humanics in 2020. He has been working on investigating the mechanism of feeling Bodily self-consciousness from the viewpoint of motor learning. The current interest lies in how our perception is influenced if the consciousness is modulated via experiences in the VR. He hopes to uncover the neural basis underlying the phenomenon where we feel having another body or perceive somewhat stimuli when experiencing the VR. In the future, he intends to develop novel methodology to interfere the perception which has a crucial role in our life, such as pain.
email: ryota.ishikawa*

Genta Ono
Master’s student in Intelligent and Mechanical Interaction Systems
BS in Engineering at Oita National Institute of Technology Electrical, Electronics Information Engineering Major

Genta was admitted to Master’s Programs in intelligent and Mechanical Interaction Systems and joined HEBBS lab in 2020. His research interest lies in how perceptual feedback information influence Sense of Agency. By elucidating mechanisms of Sense of Agency and utilizing it, he intends to develop control method for exercise motivation.
email: ono*