Human Enhancement Brain and Body Systems Science

In order to enhance human functions, we aim to comprehend how the brain and the body work together and produce motor behavior by viewing human as a system. We emphesize the importance of a close link between the brain and the body to understand what and how we do, and we conceptualize our approach as "+身体性 (+Shintaisei)" and use it to study learning, control, memory, decision-making, neurorehabilitation, and neurohacking in the field of motor behavior.

Shintaisei represents a strong link between the brain and the body. While the mechanism of the brain function is latent in general, we may access it through behavioral data because, from the evolutional point of view, the cognitive function has developed in parallel with the motor function. Thus, our ultimate goal is to enhance human motor functions by understanding and hacking the close link between the brain (mind) and the body (behavior). To do so, we use devices that enable us to modulate and/or measure human behavior: large robotic manipulandum (TX-ARM), virtual reality system (Oculus Rift), and brain stimulation (tDCS, TMS).

PhD Opportunity:

Applicaitons are invited for a fully-funded 5-year PhD studentship in Humanics Program. Please email me if you are interested in joyning the HEBB'S lab.

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Machine learning enabled to predict human movements from fMRI signals.

We welcome international students.

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